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Class 12
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iVISHWAAS - Class 12
JEE Main + Adv 2022 July 19, 2021
Online Teaching
Physics: 111
Chemistry: 155
Maths: 111
Total: 377
Online Tests: 105 hrs
Total Academic Hours: 670 Hrs 1.5 hrs per lecture
Fee:90000 INR
Early bird reg Fees:90000 INR
iSANKALP - Class 12
NEET 2022 July 19, 2021
Online Teaching
Physics: 129
Chemistry: 127
Biology: 121
Total: 377
Online Tests: 141 hrs
Total Academic Hours: 706 Hrs 1.5 hrs per lecture
Fee:70000 INR
Early bird reg Fees:70000 INR
iVIVEK - Crash Course
JEE Main + Adv 2021 April 20, 2020
Online Teaching
Physics: 30
Chemistry: 30
Maths: 30
Total: 90
Online Tests: 40 hrs
Total Academic Hours: 300 Hrs 1.5 hrs per lecture
Fee:25000 INR
Early bird reg Fees:25000 INR
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Shiv Pratap Raghuwanshi (SPR Sir) Reso HOD- Chemistry
Exp: 18 yrs
B. Tech (IIT-Kanpur, 2002)
Bharat Kumar Matoria (BKM Sir) Reso HOD- Physics
Exp: 19 yrs
B. Tech (RGU, Bhopal 2001)
Shankarshan Tripathi (ST Sir) Reso HOD- Mathematics
Exp: 23 yrs
B. Tech (IIT-Roorkee, 1997)