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No, ResoFast scholarship is not applicable on ResoSir, however in future if student wants to convert to Classroom coaching model, the balance fee will be calculated on the scholarship test conducted post lock down
Yes we offer following scholarship discounts on ResoSir fee. Student can avail any one of the scholarship by submitting qualification document on website. Our team will verify and share back the scholarship voucher code. The mentioned scholarship is valid for “i” courses available at ResoSir. Exam Cleared/ Qualified Scholarship %age on ResoSir PRMO 25% KVPY SA Stage 1 40% KVPY SA Stage 2 75% NTSE Stage 1 75% NTSE Stage 2 90% RMO/NSEJS/NSEP/NSEC/NSEB 90% Visit Scholarship page on the website to see the most updated scholarship details